« Stand firm let nothing move you » I Cort 15, 58

We’re grateful to the Lord for the celebration of FJKM ENGLISH WORSHIP SERVICE  1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY, last Sunday feb 12th 2023 at FJKM Katedraly Analakely. The service was well organized and attended by numerous fo Christians, almost 500 who are eager willing to praise the Lord in english even though it’s not our native language. Glory be to God.

Praising and worshiping took the 1st part of the service at 2.00 pm by the BLUE CROSS GOSPEL from FJKM Ambatomena ; T.A.FI.K.A. (Tanora Akon’ny Fiderana Katedraly Analakely) from FJKM ANalakely.

The 2nd part was the cult led by RAFAMANTANANTSOA Soarinoro, Deacon from FJKM Katedraly Analakely, and staff member of English Worship Service. Members from others FJKM churches which had already opend EWS participate in different part during the cult such as :

  • Message for children and youth by Randrianasolomanana Finaritra ( FJKM  Ikianja Fiderana )
  • Prayey of illumination : Razafiarisoa Jenny ( FJKM Ambohimiandra )
  • Old testament : Ravonjiarimalala Verohanitra (FJKM Ambanidia )
  • Gospel : Tovosoarinovo Lila ( FJKM Anakadifotsy )
  • Episte : Ramamonjisoa Solofomanitra ( FJKM Analakely )

A short and quick announcement and EWS activities were reports by Mrs Isabelle ( FJKM Ambavahadimitafo )

Thanks God by Rev Dr Irako ANDRIAMAHAZOSOA Ammi for his volunteering of preaching God’s word. His message was from old testament I King 131 1-6. He had three parts for hi sermon :

  • SPEAK according to the God’s word
  • ACT according to the God’s word
  • NEVER STAND against God’s word

His preaching was very practical and meaningful for every one. Especially, he had made effort of speaking slowly than he is used in malagasy, that in order to be well understood to the audience who were there and eager to listen to God’s word.

A general report and needed informations about the first year of EWS was done by Rev RAVELONANOSY Mamitiana. Mrs RATSIRANTO Vololonirina was in charge of church witnessing act. She got opportunity to thanks and encourage all FJKM churches that are on the way acting in English service in their local.

As it was a privilege to salutate the President of FJKM for the new year, EWS commission held this moment and showed their wish to the Rev Dr Irako ANDRIAMAHAZOSOA Ammi and his family for his reponsability and engagement.

Lord’s supper ended the 3rd part of the service. It was led by Rev RABEMILA Yvette, a faithful servant and one of the eldest among FJKM retired Pastors. She is now  at her 18th years of retirement, thanks to God.

God’ll neward all participants during this service, many thanks to Deacons and eldest fot their rule, the musician through their enthusiasm and the technicians.

The EWS commission aknowledge the Rev RAVELOSOA Mickael and very sensitive to staff of FJKM Katedraly Analakely by hosting this service. God will bless you in your life and mission in serving the Lord.

As ti was an anniversary, Cake and prospectus wer chared to all who were present as family of God.

Let’s saturate Madagascar wtih GOSPEL, GOSPEL tha changes history.

Hizara ny lahatsoratra

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